VarDragons – Turning Airplanes Into Dragons

Myself and VP of Rebel Gaming Rob Sellig were able to stop by the VarDragons booth at PAX East 2017 and get a first hand look at this amazingly fun game! If you like Pokemon GO! you will love this, whats better is you could just go lay in a park and wait for the planes to fly by! Turning airplanes into dragons, what could be better?! Check out this press bit from the VarDragons team (oh make sure you watch the video!)


You’ve been ignoring them for years.  The low hum of aircraft flying over your head has become as uninspiring as the music in a mall elevator. VarDragons is reintroducing magic and discovery to all things that fly by turning real aircraft into augmented reality (AR) DRAGONS. Explorers go outside, point their phones (iPhone or Android) to the sky towards what they thought were real aircraft.  But what they discover instead are dragon versions of common planes.


Using unique game innovation, VarDragons is allowing gamers to experience a truly mixed reality game through their mobile device. VarDragons has created a game engine, which harnesses live streaming data from aircraft in order to turn once ubiquitous overflying aircraft into dragons! The size, shape, color, even the country of origin of the aircraft will be embodied in the dragon you see through the lens of your mobile phone. Every dragon will be unique, just as every aircraft is. 


If a would-be dragon owner likes what they see, they can catch the dragon by clicking on their screen in front of the dragon.  This opens a portal for the dragon to fly into your dragon ‘hoard’.  Once in your hoard, the dragon is yours as a virtual pet.  You are then responsible for playing with it, feeding it, and training it for battle!  The more care you give your pet dragon, the more it is ready to battle around the world with other dragons on your behalf.  

See in game footage taken from PAX-E in Boston just this past March:

So what’s next and when can I catch dragons?  
The VarDragons team will be surging the development effort from late summer and into the fall of this year, followed by a release in the spring of 2018.   Also be on the lookout for a trailer release in the coming weeks as well (with full frame animation and an exceptional unique VarDragons score sang by an up and coming artist out of Norway).
To reward what has been amazing support thus far, we have kicked off an incentive campaign: We hope to snag 5001 (yes, 5000 + 1) newsletter subscribers in order to kick off our KickStarter campaign. We will not launch this campaign unless we reach this critical goal: so subscribe! The person who recruits the most subscribers that actually back our KickStarter will receive $501 of in-game currency, our favorite little pudgy dragon statue, and other unique prizes as well.  All other subscribers will be handsomely rewarded as well through a series of unique gifts to include initial beta releases to test prior to public release of the game.  Would-be dragon owners can subscribe and learn more about our unique prize levels at  So sign up today!


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