[Video] Bombing Bird Celebrates Spring

The weather is warmer, the sun shines high. Soon people will start getting out more often to enjoy a peaceful stroll at the park, surrounded by lovely singing birds.

…But is it really a good thing?

Take control of an annoying pigeon in the mood for some unpleasant jokes. From your position on the top of a power line, you will be able to flood unsuspecting passers-by with bird poo and witness their exasperation as you keep pestering them.

The objective is to beat the highest score in the endless level, while your targets increase in number and keep getting faster. You will need to hit each passer-by at least once before they leave the stage, and if you miss too many targets you will lose the game. Hit your targets multiple times to make combos and increase your score.
Remember to always look out for armed cops with an itchy trigger finger…pigeons are not bullet-proof!

As the game progresses, you will be able to use bonus features to cause more distress, such as “smart crap”, “fartmate”, “bullet time”, and “airstrike”.

Bombing Bird uses OpenFeint to provide Leaderboard and Achievements.

The game is available on the App Store from

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